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Leamington Old Town

Mon, 23 Feb 2015 10:23:48 +0000

We’ve got to admit - we got caught out by the weather. It had been raining, but the reports promised a good break in the rain perfectly timed for our mission into Leamington Old Town. It was nice a dry as everyone arrived but when we went out onto the streets the skies opened and the rain came down.

The people of Leamington did not flinch they went out into the rain with torches, filters and a massively positive attidude. We had a troop of around 60 people with us - from all ages and aspects of the local community - and they did a stirling job. We got round all four sites in a record time and the results were beautifully recorded by our old time collaborator Sanna Fisher-Payne. We even managed to introduce the new PixelStick into a couple of the shots.

The first site up was the United Reform Church on one of the main routes into Old Town.  The guerrillas quickly got into their stride and transformed this forgotten icon into a stunning entry point.

Right in heart of Leamington, All Saints Church is a gothic masterpiece that equals many cathedrals in size.  At a busy intersection and hub of public transport it disappears into darkness at night - we hope you like the guerrilla transformation!

The next site was the much used and very busy Polish Centre - another classic building that responded well to a quick guerrilla treatment!

Our final stop on the architectural lighting mission was back to our base in the creative arches - a passageway that you would probably not go down at night.  Touched by no public lighting it leant itself to guerrilla but would definitely benefit from a permanent installation.  In case you are wondering - we didn’t turn any lighting off, it really is that dark!

And finally we had a bit of glow stick fun and got everyone light writing in the car park…

A great big thanks to everyone that came out to help us, especially the team leaders from Woodhouse Lighting.

We would also like to thank the Portas Leamington Old Town Bid team for the invite and Artscape Management for the introduction.

We would especially like to thank Andrea from Warwickshire Community and Volunteer Action for all her work in the setting up and arranging the troops.

All images © Sanna FP (

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page for a few more images and if you have any you took then please share them with us!

We always say that light makes all the difference! Check out...

Fri, 13 Feb 2015 08:01:45 +0000

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We always say that light makes all the difference! Check out this video from L-RO. You won’t believe your eyes!

Sometimes it’s not a bad life…

We Love Leamington….

Mon, 26 Jan 2015 11:09:00 +0000

Love Leamington is a celebration of all that Royal Leamington Spa has to offer and we are delighted that the team behind the Portas Bid for Leamington Old Town (the creative heart of Leamington) have invited us to help them with a Guerrilla Lighting event in just three weeks time!  Its our quickest run in to a mission yet but we scouted some cool buildings and are excited about the opportunities.


So if you are in or around Leamington and want to join us on the 19th Feb then sign up here:

For more information about Leamington, #LoveLeam and the Mary Portas Bid South Leamington Old Town check out these links:

Thanks also to Artscape Management and Woodhouse for their support and input.

Guerrilla Lighting Salford...

Tue, 16 Dec 2014 10:05:25 +0000

As we say, one of the purposes of our guerrilla lighting events is to draw attention to light and start some conversations so we’re really pleased to share some of the links posted about the event in Salford in November.

Salford Online

Manchester Gazette

ITV Granada News

The University of Salford

And if you want to read more about the legacy of the event and see some further images also check the official Salford Light website.

#SalfordLight - University of Salford Art and Architecture in a New Light

Wed, 26 Nov 2014 21:32:00 +0000

We were challenged by the marketing team at the University of Salford to engage their new students in a guerrilla lighting project to present their diverse range of locations on Peel Park campus in a new light and create a set of images that could be used to promote the University and its architecture.  On Thursday 18th October 2014 we drove hundreds of individual battery powered lights up to the Old Fire Station in the middle of the campus and set out to do just that!

It started nervously (for us anyway) as we were a few people short at the starting time but the students steadily arrived and in the end we set off only about 10 minutes late to the first site.  We had a great bunch of students  from across all the University schools and friends with us and our trusty new toy - the Pixelstick!  We had selected 4 sites ranging in architectural styles from turn of the century red brick, to 1970’s classics and even some cool 1960’s sculptures by William Mitchell.  All on the same road in the middle of the Peel Park campus.

The first site was a red brick building, quite simple in architectural style with a very symmetrical facade - Adelphi House.  We hoped to get the blinds all closed so we could light them up but it didn’t happen but we went for it anyway and it was a good way to start the event.


Building 1 - Adelphi House, University of Salford (before the light)


Building 1 - Adelphi House, University of Salford (after the light)


Building 1 - Adelphi House, University of Salford with some Pixelstick Light followed by the guerrillas at Adelphi House - having a bit of fun with some glowsticks!


The second building we moved onto was the 70’s styling of Maxwell House.  Here we were able to go inside as we really wanted to show of the architectural feature that was the exposed staircase.  The University electricians who accompanied us round all the sites were brilliant all night and came into their own on this building temporarily switching off the existing lighting to allow us to re-image in the interior in the University of Salford red colour.  Outside this building is the cool “ambition” sculptural typography piece that gave us the inspiration for adding words to the sites with the Pixelstick.


Building 2 - Maxwell House, University of Salford (lights out!)


Building 2 - Maxwell House, University of Salford (guerrilla lights on!)

The third site was part of the Allerton Campus and our target here was the iconic totem sculptures by post war artist and inventor William Mitchell.  Currently unlit and bathed in a blanket of sodium from the massive high mast columns used on the road out front.  These  remarkable sculptures really deserve to be lit - the stone looks amazing with light grazing it to reveal the texture.


Building 3 - The Totems, by William Mitchell, University of Salford with their halo of Sodium light


Building 3 - The Totems, by William Mitchell, University of Salford with halo and guerrilla light!

The fourth and fifth sites were both part of the Old Fire station - the main building and the engine sheds.  Here we used the Pixelstick to create some more light painting magic…

imageBuilding 4 - The Old Fire Station, University of Salfordimage

Building 5 - Fire Engine Bays at the University of Salford image

Building 5 - The Fire Engine Bays at University of Salford with mirror balls!image

All of the photographs are by Graeme Cooper ( and we also have to thank the team leaders - Luke, Chris, Giorgos, Mark, Peter and Sophie - they did an amazing job on the night.  In fact they were Brilliant!  

And special thanks to Lesa Dryburgh, Project Manager, Corporate Marketing, University of Salford for commissioning us to deliver this guerrilla light event on Thursday 20 November 2014.  This was one of the best supported events we’ve ever done on the client side - thanks Lesa, your calm approach to everything was epic!




See more images and links as they appear at the official #SalfordLight website