guerrilla lighting

Weapons of Mass Illumination...

16 Sep ’14

We often get asked what torches we use and it does vary depending on what we can get for a good price but these big, yellow monsters from ScrewFix in the UK are main weapon of choice:


The cost seems to vary from £15 to £30 for no obvious reason but at the moment they are on at the low end of the range.  Looking around you can also get them from Amazon, where they are called the AK437!

We know that our friends in Finland also used something like this 10 Million Candle Power Beast:


Also available from Amazon -

Remember though, size doesn’t always matter and bigger is not necessarily best when it comes to light!  If you’re planning a mission, buy one torch and test it.  Can you get away with less power and therefore a more portable unit?

Most of all though - have fun and create some great lighting!

The Revolution Continues

15 Sep ’14

Due numerous incidents of WordPress hacking we have been forced to move the web site to a new location and platform.  At the same time we’ve given it a bit of a spring clean and updated its presentation.  


Hopefully this new format will make it easier for us to post updates and keep you up to date with the latest missions.  We can also add your activities and help you promote work and the wonderful world of light!

Guerrilla Lighting Valoa Oulu – the movie! Check out this video...

27 May ’14

<iframe src="//" width="400" height="224" frameborder="0" title="Guerrilla Light Oulu" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Guerrilla Lighting Valoa Oulu – the movie!

Check out this video we made of the guerrilla lighting missions in Oulu – its a bit manic but we think its fun!

The action from the Guerrilla Lighting in Oulu and Oulunsalo was undertaken as part of their first light festival in November 2013. It was filmed entirely on a head mounted GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition – hence the manic camera work!

Can communities find a collective voice through light?

25 May ’14

Is Guerrilla Lighting a good method of engaging communities?

Join the debate at the Future of Light.

The Future of Light blog

Guerrilla Lighting Oulunsalo

25 May ’14

Mission Date - 22/11/2013

Following the success in Oulu the team leaders and our intrepid photographer journeyed out to Oulunsalo for a saturday night guerrilla lighting extravaganza. The local residents and lots of the children joined us and made some wonderful images in the snow filled landscapes.

As before, the images were captured by Saida Inkeri Jäntti.

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