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Guerrilla Lighting Valoa Oulu – the movie!

25 May ’14

Check out this video we made of the guerrilla lighting missions in Oulu – its a bit manic but we think its fun!

The action from the Guerrilla Lighting in Oulu and Oulunsalo was undertaken as part of their first light festival in November 2013. It was filmed entirely on a head mounted GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition – hence the manic camera work!

Guerrilla Lighting Film

Can communities find a collective voice through light?

25 May ’14

Is Guerrilla Lighting a good method of engaging communities?

Join the debate at the Future of Light.

The Future of Light blog

Guerrilla Lighting Oulunsalo

25 May ’14

Mission Date – 22/11/2013

Following the success in Oulu the team leaders and our intrepid photographer journeyed out to Oulunsalo for a saturday night guerrilla lighting extravaganza. The local residents and lots of the children joined us and made some wonderful images in the snow filled landscapes.

As before, the images below were captured by Saida Inkeri Jäntti.

01 The Church - before 02 The Church - after 03 The Underpass - before 04 The Underpass - after 05 The Museum - before 06 The Museum - after 07 The School - before 08 The School - after 09 The School - glow stick circles 10 The School - glow stick hearts 11 The School - glow stick people 12 The School - glow stick drawing 13 The School - more glow sticks 14 The Forest - before 15 The Forest - after 16 The Forest and a moomin (sort of!) 17 The Guerrillas are leaving the forest 10 The Island - after

Guerrilla Lighting Oulu

25 May ’14

Mission Date - 21/11/2013

On Friday 22nd November we went out on the streets of Oulu with the local residents, students and children to create five guerrilla lighting installations! The participants were great, the team leaders legendary and the photographer was a true professional! We had a fantastic time and were really pleased with the results. The project was created as part of the first Oulu Lighting Festival.

The images in the gallery were captured by Saida Inkeri Jäntti

01 Ainola Musuem - Before 02 Ainola Musuem - after 03 The Underpass - before 04 The Underpass - after 05 Architecture Building - before 06 Architecture Building - after 07 The Barns - before 08 The Barns - after 09 The Island - before 10 The Island - after

Guerrilla Lighting Hasselt

25 May ’14

Mission Date – 18/10/2013

This Guerrilla was done with charity workers. They gather money to support education in Nigeria (, local sports clubs, catholic women and special child daycare centre… So, Guerrilla goes charity! Not a bad trail!

Event organised by City of Light Jyväskylä and City of Hasselt.  Pictures by Roland Hermans and Kris Van De Sande.

1412596_658814610820120_836526744_o 1402174_658814607486787_63282137_o 1397450_658814627486785_1310578531_o 1402181_658814677486780_1737832643_o 1398747_658814700820111_912120996_o 1397434_658814730820108_1183014508_o 1403046_658814737486774_1669829280_o 1397618_658814747486773_2146522559_o 1397322_658814824153432_919207099_o 1400257_658814840820097_1325137609_o 1403723_658814830820098_1602593438_o 1072063_658814947486753_1280464454_o 1400464_658814990820082_1007683466_o 741272_658814964153418_640619659_o 966350_658815024153412_1008696927_o 1397992_658815034153411_1185928666_o 1397272_658815047486743_229952929_o 1403397_658815140820067_1964294033_o 1399354_658815107486737_236446877_o 893521_658815144153400_1899943342_o 1398382_658815197486728_1861704421_o 1401820_658815264153388_211965123_o 1294382_658815257486722_818003503_o