Christopher Knowlton

Christopher Knowlton / London
Isabelle Corten

Isabelle Corten / Liège

IYL 2015 Interviews: Light Collective

The UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 is fast approaching. Following the campaign to get lighting designers recognised as part of the IYL, the Lighting-Related Organizations (L-RO), was founded as a means to unite all the different global organizations related to light and lighting design in coordinating their IYL efforts. With the L- RO’s “Call for Ideas” currently running, we speak to some of the world’s best known lighting people about the importance of the IYL2015 and the L-RO. Read on

  • Light Middle East

    Light Middle East

    3 Nov – 5 Nov ’14 / Dubai / Website

  • EILD 2014

    EILD 2014

    6 Nov – 8 Nov ’14 / Medellin / Website



Light School returns at the Surface Design Show on 10 – 12th Feb 2015. Check out the new speaker line up.

Light Collective team up with Factorylux to create a series of iconic postcards given away with Mondo arc magazine.