Christopher Knowlton

Christopher Knowlton / London
Elettra Bordonaro

Elettra Bordonaro / Turin

IYL 2015 Interviews: Light Collective

The UNESCO International Year of Light 2015 is fast approaching. Following the campaign to get lighting designers recognised as part of the IYL, the Lighting-Related Organizations (L-RO), was founded as a means to unite all the different global organizations related to light and lighting design in coordinating their IYL efforts. With the L- RO’s “Call for Ideas” currently running, we speak to some of the world’s best known lighting people about the importance of the IYL2015 and the L-RO. Read on



    13 Oct – 17 Oct ’14 / London, UK / Website

  • Light Middle East

    Light Middle East

    3 Nov – 5 Nov ’14 / Dubai / Website

  • EILD 2014

    EILD 2014

    6 Nov – 8 Nov ’14 / Medellin / Website

Weapons of Mass Illumination...

We often get asked what torches we use and it does vary depending on what we can get for a good price but these big, yellow monsters from ScrewFix in the UK are main weapon of choice:


The cost seems to vary from £15 to £30 for no obvious reason but at the moment they are on at the low end of the range.  Looking around you can also get them from Amazon, where they are called the AK437!

We know that our friends in Finland also used something like this 10 Million Candle Power Beast:


Also available from Amazon -

Remember though, size doesn’t always matter and bigger is not necessarily best when it comes to light!  If you’re planning a mission, buy one torch and test it.  Can you get away with less power and therefore a more portable unit?

Most of all though - have fun and create some great lighting!



Light School returns at the Surface Design Show on 10 – 12th Feb 2015. Check out the new speaker line up.

Light Collective team up with Factorylux to create a series of iconic postcards given away with Mondo arc magazine.