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Erik Olsson and Joran Linder

Erik Olsson and Joran Linder / Jönköping

Guerrillas On Ice

Light Collective ended 2013 with a series of events in Finland and Estonia which necessitated us purchasing full on snow wear after arriving horribly unprepared. We arrived in Oulu, ready for the unveiling of a new light-art installation by local legend Tapio Rosenius of Lighting Design Collective (where did he get that name?). After witnessing the continually changing light installation and freezing to the point of tears, we stocked up on new clothes in order to run two Guerrilla Lighting events in Oulu centre and Oulunsalo.

  • Lighting Journeys, IESNA

    Lighting Journeys, IESNA

    7 May ’14 / Mexico City / Website

  • Future of Lighting

    Future of Lighting

    2 Jun ’14 / Sydney / Website



Sharon Stammers joins the judging panel for Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2014. Details.

Light Collective are contributing an essay to a book called Cities of Light by Routledge Publishing 2014.