Oct ’15 – Nov ’15
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Day.One Event


- - Sillas Chromatics: an installation by Wonderfullight---------- Concept “Coloured Sunbath” by Anne Bureau (France)--- By @illuminet--

A Day.One event took place in Mexico City on November 19th organised by Saas Lighting and Light Collective. The event consisted of a day dedicated to exploring daylight and colour and took place in the atelier and gardens of Casa Barragan, the house of renowned Mexican architect and daylight lover Luis Barragan.

The morning began with a short talk from Light Collective that explained the objectives of the day and gave creative examples of daylight art in order to inspire the attendees. The workshop was split into seven groups, each one dedicated to a colour of the spectrum and each group was given a wooden structure and a selection of colour filters with which to create with. The intention being that each group would cover their structure with colour in order to design an installation that worked with sunlight to create coloured patterns on the surfaces around the structure.

The groups were primarily given colours of their part of the spectrum but some swapping took place and once they had discussed a concept, the gels were laminated in plastic before being affixed to the structures. Each group produced a beautiful colour installation that worked in harmony with natural light showcasing ideas from nature and Mexican culture.

A special installation by Anne Bureau of Wonderfulight from France allowed participants to experience natural light through colour in the form of spectral sunglasses. The day ended with talks from both Anne on Light, Colour and Health and Daylight Inspiration from Light Collective.

Day.One is an initiative from Light Collective in the UK and Saas Lighting in Mexico and is a series of international events dedicated to natural light. Through creative exploration, artworks and inspirational talks, it aims to put daylight firmly on the architectural lighting design agenda.

Thanks to Rosco, Lamp and Phillips.


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