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Day.One - Day.One - Concept “It’s a beautiful day” by Paul Ehlert (Austria)Day.One - Concept “In Prism We Trust” by Naxelli Burgoa (Mexico)Day.One - Concept “Bosque Animado” by Lara Elbaz (Spain)Day.One - Concept “Tianguis” by Diana Garcia & Mónica Zúñiga (Mexico)Day.One - Concept “Wanderings of Semblance” by Johann Gielen & Patrick Tobias Fischer (Germany)Day.One - Concept “Coloured Sunbath” by Anne Bureau (France)Day.One - Concept “Colours” by Lorena Vieyra (Mexico)Day.One - Concept “East West Symphony, 19.3ºN” by Federico Favero (Italy) & Isabel Villar (Sweden)Day.One - Concept “One Day Poem Pavillon” by Jiyeon Song (Korea)Day.One - Concept “One Day/Skyline” by James Newton (UK)Day.One - Concept “The Daylight Case” by Giovanni Traverso & Paola Vighy (Italy)Day.One - Concept “Sky Walking” by Augusto Bastos Ramalhao (Portugal) & Mariana Novaes (Brazil)Day.One - Concept “Ubiquity” by Alexia Gkika (Greece), Rodrigo Muro (Mexico) and Tristan Haar (Sweden)

Day.One was an idea to create an alternative light festival. The world is full of lighting festivals... Lyon, Frankfurt, Sydney, Singapore, Montreal, Turin, Amsterdam, York, Durham etc. They all take place at night and focus on artificial light so we thought it was time to turn things on their head and hold one in the daytime. 

We formed a partnership with Mexican Lighting Designer Magali Mendez, Director of SáaS Lighting and began working on our plans for an alternative lighting festival: Day.One with a view to this ‘Collective’ project; a celebration of natural light and architecture, the worlds first gathering of daylight and sunlight art taking place in late 2014 in Mexico City. 

The plan was for the event to be made up of natural light installations, architectural visits, an international sky experience, a manufacturers technology expo, a series of talks, film showings and community workshops. Many of these would have taken place at Casa Luis Barragan, the private residence of Mexico's most celebrated architect and a master of natural light and colour. 

Despite a huge effort, we failed to get full funding for the event to take place so Day.One remains a conceptual festival. Please visit for details of all the artists that put forward beautiful concepts for the event. Despite not finding full funding, two smaller Day.One events have taken place to date and we hope there will be many more.

The concept of Day.One compliments Noche.Zero, the darkness experience we co-organised with DiaV in the Atacama desert in Oct 2012.


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Day.One Event on 19 November 2015
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Held in conjunction with SáaS Lighting