Feb ’16 – Feb ’16
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Many Hands Make Light Work 2


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11 – 14 February 2016
Union Terrance Gardens, Arberdeen
Part of Spectra 2016

Many Hands Make Light Work is a light sculpture made by 243 different local school children who have individually contributed to its creation.  Using the word SPECTRA as a starting point, we aimed to inspire a large group of children to enjoy colour and light together and help to create a collaborative artwork around this topic. Each child made their own light cube in a series of workshops that enabled them to gain an understanding of making a basic light fitting that they  then customised using colour and a phrase about colour or light of their own choosing (or other random thoughts…). The workshop culminated in the creation of the 243 individual small cubes of light which after they were wired together to make an animated wall of light celebrated both colour itself and the community that made it. At the end of the light festival all of the light boxes will be returned to the people who made them, together with a battery power supply, for use in their own home or school.