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One Beam of Light


One Beam of Light - Pop-up exhibition at the ICA, London. One Beam of Light -One Beam of Light -One Beam of Light -One Beam of Light -One Beam of Light -One Beam of Light - Installation by GNI ProjectsOne Beam of Light -One Beam of Light - Newspaper of the shortlisted imagesOne Beam of Light - Newspaper of the shortlisted imagesOne Beam of Light - Identity for the projectOne Beam of Light - Entry: Growing LightOne Beam of Light - Entry: Liquid Light by Adam Busby / dpa lighting consultants (UK)One Beam of Light - Entry: Deflection by Christopher Bauder / WHITEvoid Interactive Art & Design (Germany)One Beam of Light - Lighting Journal May 2013

One Beam of Light is a global photographic project based on the creative use of light. We asked the participants to submit stunning and inspirational photographs that begin with a single source of light – light stripped to its barest, minimum essential. The images are intended to allow entrants to show the world the versatility of one beam of light, its inherent beauty and their ability to manipulate it. The images demonstrate the entrants passion for the medium of light.

The images were curated by a guest panel of lighting designers and visionaries including Terence Woodgate, Keith Bradshaw of Speirs and Major, Matt Clark of UVA and Gerd Pfarre to form a pop-up touring exhibition. The exhibition of the top 31 opened at the ICA in London on the 15th April with a special installation from GNI Projects. A newspaper of the shortlisted images accompanied the event.

The project has being made possible through the generous support of Concord Lighting.

This initiative is about creating an opportunity for us to work in a truly collective way and to spread the word about light to a wider audience. Thanks to all participants who took part and provided us with an inspired image so we could show the world what light can do.... More details available on the website:


Global lighting initiative for lighting and design community (Mondo Arc)
Focus Group (Lighting Journal May 2013)

In collaboration with GNI Projects.