Sep ’16 – Sep ’16
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Project Resist


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Configuring Light/ Staging the Social explores the role lighting plays in our everyday life to help build a better social knowledge basis for lighting design interventions. 

Project Resist demonstrates the power of light literally by asking participants to verbalise what has been stirred up inside them during the three days of the event, and using this as the basis for a light installation, projecting people's ideas onto the outside of the university.

By asking a simple question: What do you resist?, we are aiming to find out what people feel strongly about. We want the participants to share their thoughts with us. The answers will then be shared with the wider public on the last evening of the event by projecting them onto the facade of the New Academic building in a true resistance and guerrilla style. 

What are people in 2016 resisting?

28 – 30 September 2016
LSE Campus, Holborn

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