Sep ’11 – Sep ’11
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Social Light Workshop, Sclessin


Social Light Workshop, Sclessin - Social Light Workshop, Sclessin -Social Light Workshop, Sclessin -Social Light Workshop, Sclessin -Social Light Workshop, Sclessin -

Light Collective is feeling a little bereft this week after a superb soul sustaining week in Liege. We have been bringing love and light to the people of Sclessin in our first ever Social Light Movement workshop.

The week started with Indian summer sunshine and finished with us feeling like we had given a little piece of light to all the people involved – the students, the local community, the LUCI delegates and the municipal authorities. It sounds cheesy but it was all about love!

Our students came from all over the world – Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, China and the US, spending a week under the inspiring tutelage of Elettra Bordonaro, Isabelle Corten, Erik Olsson and Joran Linder, selecting local sites such as the station, the local square and a housing estate for which they created a range of lighting concepts.

After days of discussion, meeting the inhabitants and testing on site, the groups presented a series of wonderful ideas to the Liege municipality and the LUCI City Under Microscope conference delegates.

Simultaneously, Light Collective was pounding the streets to plan a social guerrilla event to end the week with. Again picking sites of local importance, including the viaduct and the local education centre that had formed our base for the week, we invited the community to help us light them as part of the culmination of the workshop.

People literally came out of their houses as the guerrillas passed by and the group collected kids and dogs in a pied piper-style. With each switch on, the crowd responded with surprise and enthusiasm and we felt the love that light can bring.

Sclessin is a forgotten area outside the city with high unemployment, little green space, factories, rundown housing and patchy blobs of low pressure sodium. Demonstrating how light can literally and figuratively change a place was our intention and part of the long-term goal of the Social Light Movement. During the week we hit the 500 mark of international membership and LUCI launched their new publication on Social Lighting. Check out the photos here and the report in the LUCI book here.