Oct ’10 – Nov ’10
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The Xicato Dining Experience


The Xicato Dining Experience - The Xicato Dining Experience -The Xicato Dining Experience -The Xicato Dining Experience -The Xicato Dining Experience -

Conversion of a gritty, urban location to an intimate dining experience using innovative high colour rendering, low energy LED modules and custom designed pendants.

Four weeks ago we were given a challenge by LED module experts Xicato to create an event that will engage and inspire lighting designers and mark the start of a new relationship with their current specifiers and specifiers-to-be.

We thought it impossible…but had a crack at it. We banned sales and Powerpoint and aimed for a secret, unique and memorable event. Our 100 word description of the highlights is below along with a couple of cool photos by Sanna FP.

Xicato secret dining experience ● eleventh november ● undisclosed location ● twenty-five designers ● challenging convention ● lavish orchid displays by hayford and rhodes ● treasure hunt ● colour changing cocktails ● experimental food design by blanch and shock ● derelict house ● inspirational ● LED triumphs over tungsten ● five course spectrum meal ● a night to never forget ● concept by light collective ● one red item ● pendants by mike stoane ● exclusive guest list ● ipad prize went home with xavier ● movie props, furniture and old signs by castle gibson ● artist series ● game changing technicolor dream event ● to be continued ● do whatever it takes to be at the next one….