Dec ’13 – Mar ’14
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As part of iLight Marina Bay 2014, Light Collective were asked to create a collective light installation that would be made by the people of Singapore. #WeHeartLight is a giant pixelated beating heart constructed from 225 individual lighting boxes.

The boxes were made in a series of workshops involving five different schools with the aim being to inspire participants and explore the possibilities of light as a medium for creativity. The process gave the students a basic understanding of light, LEDs and simple electrical circuitry as they constructed their own light boxes. They then had the opportunity to customise their box with either hand drawn or printed artwork, photography or text to create the diffuser panel for the front of the box. Most light boxes were decorated with positive messages about light, love and peace. The boxes were then assembled into the overall piece for the light festival.

At the end of the light festival all of the light boxes were returned to the people who made them, together with a battery power supply, for use in their own house or school.