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Xicato Stand & Party


Xicato Stand & Party - Stand Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party - PartyXicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -Xicato Stand & Party -

Our love of cardboard is taken to the max with the Light Collective design for the Xicato stand and party at the Light and Building show.

The stand was a continuation of our love of colour, cardboard and creativity!  The original initiative for the Xicato stand at Light & Building came from our outspoken comments on the quality of lighting on 90% of the stands at L&B 2010.  It seems that the main aim is to have as many products as possible, all as bright as possible, all aimed in your face.  As lighting designers we are mainly inspired by light not light fittings so Xicato issued us the challenge of creating something that was both inspiring, well designed and illustrated their product.

Lighting designers are interested in quality of light and to us that is the one thing that the Xicato module is about – it is a white light source with exceptionally high quality and consistency in rendering all colours of the spectrum.  This was the starting point for the stand at Light & Building 2012 and the main space was a colourful, playful space that contained every colour of the spectrum.  The cardboard fins were an architectural detail that created surfaces to receive light from the Xicato module.  The simple white card boxes were effectively display cases for beautifully crafted unique paper sculptures each lit with a different light source to visualise the story and benefits of the Xicato module on its own and compared with other light sources.  The cardboard furniture in the main space was created especially for the event by Luke Smith-Wightman and the simple design and layout allowed the brand new Xicato Point module to do its thing with a dramatic pool of light in the centre of the table.  To demonstrate the new 4 Pi optic and add another burst of colour we created a series custom cardboard pendants and to support the lighting designers who have used Xicato modules in the projects we created a cardboard light wall of fully credited project images.

The other two spaces on the stand were about consistency and the wide range of OEM's that now have products featuring Xicato modules.  In the white space we had the origami wall – a series of 120 folded boxes, 60 of which were internally lit to demonstrate the consistency that could be achieved.  In addition to this we had a small custom chandelier from Mike Stoane Lighting that showed the dynamic qualities of the module by dimming in a randomly generated sequence.  The third space, the dark room, was designed as a Rogers workshop – to appeal to the geeky, hands on character of most lighting designer – we always want to take stuff to bits and this was the place to do.  The wall was decorated with a spectrum of origami butterflies to again support the colour philosophy and looking at the white out of the main hall we were really glad that we included colour as a major theme in our design. 

So why cardboard?  We were appalled at the amount of waste that is generally generated at the end of a trade shows – truck loads of MDF, furniture, accessories, etc are dumped so we made it our mission to look for the most sustainable material we could.  Cardboard is easily recycled, light to transport and fix whilst also allowing high levels of creativity and form so was perfect for the project.  All the walls, ceilings and main surfaces were made from cardboard. 

Ultimately we wanted to create a cool, colourful and vibrant space where people would enjoy hanging out and having a chat!


Cardboard from
Stand built by
Cardboard pendants in conjunction with
Furniture and picnic lamps designed by Luke Smith-Wightman 
Beautiful paper sculpture by
Photos by Sanna Fisher-Payne