Light Collective party | Factorylux + Xicato | CDW 2015

We thought we’d post about the Light Collective party while it’s still fresh in our minds and our hands are still sore from the muddling of limes and mint under the tutelage of our tough bar manager Sophie from Factorylux.

Having a party to celebrate the end of a series of postcard magazine inserts is an unusual premise, so it’s good to report that the Light Collective – Factorylux – Natural Light in Architecture (NLIA) event was a raging success.

  • Light School 2017

    Light School 2017

    7 Feb – 9 Feb ’17 / BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE, LONDON / Website

  • IALD Enlighten Americas 2016

    IALD Enlighten Americas 2016

    13 Oct – 15 Oct ’16 / Puerto Vallarta, México / Website

  • Guerrilla Lighting Workshop

    Guerrilla Lighting Workshop

    21 Sep – 26 Sep ’16 / Forres & Findhorn, Scotland / Website

Wow, its been a year since we re-launched the website

Wow, its been a year since we re-launched the website - how time flies :-)

May 18th: darc awards / decorative


Sept 14th: darc awards / architectural


Sept 21st - 23rd: darc room exhibition at London Design Festival

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